Minecraft Modifications: Nodus Client [1.2.5]

Minecraft Modifications: Nodus Client [1.2.5]

Nodus client is one of the most powerful free Hacked Clients for Minecraft that have been ever made and it is the most known Client for griefing to be used on Minecraft. Also, I’m not spreading this client, I have been asked to post a Modified Client for Minecraft since days ago so enjoy it the people who asked for it.

   Griefing on minecraft now a days is not easy since most servers are secured with plugins to prevent some players from griefing other players. But most plugins have vulnerabilities and weak spots which people take advantage of to make modifications on the game’s source and create a Client that can do a lot more than the original Client can do! The best part of a this is that this specific Client is free and you can donate to the creators only if you wish to keep the client free and it’s development.

   There are many features included and new ones are always being added to make this Client even better or and keep it the best free modified client out there. Also, it worths using it for other stuff except from griefing, and that’s what I do, but fun is always granted even when you use autofish or player forcefield.

   So go ahead, grab it now and have fun ;)

You can download Nodus 1.2.5 from this page(click)

Don’t forget to check the video on how to install and to see all the features.

   Here is also a presentation of the Client to show you that this Modded Client is legit and working:

PS: If you think this client is not good please leave a respond and include why it is not. Also, don’t start saying about using Hacked Clients is bad, there will always be griefers out there.

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elee, posted this comment on Jul 19th, 2012

very nice

Aroosa Hermosa, posted this comment on Jul 20th, 2012

This is great but I don’t like games much

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